FAQ on China Earthquake Relief Fund

(A) Why is SJTU-SV doing this?

Answer: SJTU-SV is doing this to fulfill its organizational purposes, as mandated by IRS 501(c)(3) and its bylaws. SJTU-SV is a nonprofit charitable organization for the advancement of education. Had we chosen to ignore those affected Chinese children, we would lose our reason to exist as an organization.

(B) With SVTN doing this already, what does SJTU-SV bring to the table?

Answer: While all roads lead to Rome, and SVTN is no doubt doing a tremendous job by taking the lead, SJTU-SV's participation not only offers another channel, but also shares the workload with SVTN, especially in terms of administrating the donations and keeping donations coming in and going to the right places. A few small differences are noted below in (C).

(C) What are the differences between going through SVTN and SJTU-SV?

Answer: Ultimately, all donations help those in need. The two differences between SVTN and SJTU-SV are:

(C.1) Specific purpose: SJTU-SV's donations will be earmarked for restoring and advancing education in the affected areas, which is mandated by the nature of SJTU-SV. On the other hand, SVTN's donations serve more general purposes. From our perspective, while saving lives and pulling people out of rubbles are the immediate and most important tasks, reconstruction of the devastated towns and villages will take much longer. In the very near future, our funds will help rebuilding schools, libraries, and other educational facilities.

(C.2) Channel: SVTN will forward donations to Chinese Red Cross. SJTU-SV, on the other hand, will forward all donations to Hong Kong Red Cross. Disclaimers:

(C.2.a) SJTU-SV chose Hong Kong Red Cross because of its high efficiency and excellent reputation.

(C.2.b) 100% of donations will be forwarded, so that every single dime will be used to help people in the affected areas. SJTU-SV is run completely by volunteers, and we do not take a dime in the process.

(D) Will donating through SJTU-SV benefit its image?

Answer: Yes, but as stated above, that's NOT why we are doing this. Given the amount of efforts put forth so far, and the many many volunteer hours to come, we do not think any "image thing" is worth this much.

(E) So, after all, should I donate through SJTU-SV or SVTN?

Answer: All roads lead to Rome. To us, getting the funds to those in need and obtaining everyone's support are the two most important tasks at this moment. Going through SJTU-SV or SVTN is not nearly as important a difference. Whichever way you choose, we will respect your decision.